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Glazing Options

(We try our best to cover as many glazing options as required)

At Seaglaze, we have a variety of glazing options available, such as the following:

  • Variety of glazing thicknesses available

  • Single or double glazing options

  • Toughened safety glass

  • Laminated glazing, including Bridgestone

  • Hard coat clear polycarbonate glazing

  • Acrylic glazing

Specialist glazing:

  • Curved glazing
  • Screen printed glazing - dot matrix fade out or fixed border
  • Tinted glazing - clear or tinted colours such as; blue, bronze, green, grey (varies on thicknesses required)
  • Electrically heated glazing - used in preventing panes from freezing or steaming up to ensure good, clear and undistorted visibility in all weather conditions, even at extremely low temperatures.
  • Bullet proof glazing